Zoekdeboer helps farmers with their visibility

Love of the farming life runs deep with Kristel and her family. Kristel's kitchen and living room are adorned with pictures of cows and Scottish highland cattle and she even got married on the farm. In her free time, Kristel likes going out with her family and cooking. She often creates delicious three-course meals and is always looking for the best ingredients to achieve the best results. Kristel likes to ensure her ingredients are as unrefined as possible so that you can really taste the flavours. “When we go away for weekend trips, I always try to find a farm where I can also buy my meat. We like to combine this with a visit to a local farmer. But I never used to get very far when I googled the word “farmers”. We tended to find the best locations when we were out and about cycling in the area. Now I understand why!”

Many farms cannot be found online and are not visible. This got Kristel thinking and led her to start ‘Zoek De Boer’ two years ago: an online platform for people interested in farming life. Whether you are looking for an authentic farm shop, a day out with a farmer, a special farm holiday, an inspiring place to hold a meeting or party with a rustic atmosphere, Zoek De Boer helps you find the best places to enjoy genuine farm experiences.

Kristel got in touch with Google Digitale Werkplaats through a farmer she knows and started attending virtual coaching sessions and various online workshops. “Thanks to the sessions and suggestions offered by the Google Digitale Werkplaats coach, I redeveloped my website and learned a lot about keywords and search engine optimisation. What's more, I got better at understanding key statistics generated by Google Analytics.”

Zoek De Boer now occupies the number one position in organic searches for 'farm shop' and its number of website visitors per month has increased by almost +250%. Thanks to this, there has been more interest than ever before in Kristel’s platform. Its customer base and turnover has grown by +300%. “The future looks really promising and we are highly motivated to be among the top five for organic searches of all relevant keywords. I want to become the Google of the farming world,” explains Kristel.

My goal is to make it easier for people to know how to find their (online) way to the farm. It it working well thanks to training from Google Digitale Werkplaats! The number of website visitors per month has now increased by almost +250%!

Kristel van der AA, Owner, Zoekdeboer


Haaren, The Netherlands


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