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Helping people to develop skills for a changing world

Digital skills have fast become essential everyday skills. Time and time again, we have seen them enabling people to unlock new potential and be more resilient. Yet according to the European Commission, in 2022 still only 54% of Europe’s workforce had basic digital abilities.1

Since 2015, Grow with Google has helped millions of people across Europe to adapt and grow their career or business with digital tools and training. We partner closely with governments, industry experts and local organisations to understand where the greatest needs lie and tailor our tools and training to meet them. By working together we hope to help build stronger digital economies that are prepared for the future.

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Google’s Impact in the EU

A new study by Public First estimates that Google’s products, platforms and tools will help provide an estimated €179 billion in economic activity in 2023 across the European Union, allowing businesses to employ over three million people. The study also looks at how AI can boost the EU’s economic competitiveness and how Google is playing its part in helping the EU realise its digital and AI-driven future.

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Source: The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), European Commission, 2022

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