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Learn new AI skills

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AI will create new jobs, help people work smarter, and build knowledge and expertise. We want to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed in this shifting landscape. From short videos on how to boost your productivity with AI, to in-depth training on AI tools and products, we have a wide range of training available to suit your needs.

Getting started with AI

If you're interested in building an understanding of AI and how it can help you in your career or business.

Expand your AI skill set

If you've already gained some experience with AI and would like to use it more actively in your work and in the development of your products.

For startups

If you're a startup looking to understand how AI can help your business develop and grow.

For nonprofits

If you're a nonprofit or civil society organisation looking for comprehensive training on AI and financial support.

For educators

If you're an educator looking for resources and materials to help plan and use during your lessons.

The AI Opportunity Initiative

For AI to benefit everyone, it must be built by — and accessible to — everyone. That’s why we’ve launched the AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe, to help provide training and skills to support people and countries to be successful in seizing the opportunity of AI.

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Success stories

Find out how companies are already using artificial intelligence to promote innovation and increase their productivity.

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