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Passion Ethiopian Coffee is waking up more and more people with its ethically produced coffee


Two years ago, Dawit Abraham decided to turn his passion for ethically produced coffee into a career. He started his own business: Passion Ethiopian Coffee with his wife, Dorinde. By attending the Google Digitale Werkplaats workshops during the coronavirus crisis, he was able to boost his online findability. And as a result, it has been easier for tourists in particular to find him.

Dawit started his own business out of frustration. Dawit: “People who work incredibly hard to harvest the coffee beans often get paid barely anything, whereas large businesses earn a lot. Our coffee beans go from the source directly to the place where they are roasted, and then straight to our business. Everyone involved in the production receives a fair price. If you ask me, this makes our coffee taste even better.”

The coronavirus outbreak had a major impact on Dawits’ customer base. “Although we were able to continue selling, there weren’t enough people visiting because all the shops were closed. I took part in some Google Digitale Werkplaats workshops, which allowed us to boost our online findability. As a result, more and more tourists are now visiting us.”

With the help of a Digitale Werkplaats trainer, Dawit also improved his web shop and social media. “My coach, Lisa, helped us to respond to reviews more proactively. Because of our improved business profile on Google, more people were able to find us and our revenue rose by as much as 30%. I’m really happy with the insights that Lisa gave me. She’s welcome to grab a coffee here any time.”

“The tips from Google Digitale Werkplaats meant that we improved our online findability, so that people from all over the world are now able to find us. We’re also getting more from our reviews and online sales have grown. Revenue has increased by 30%, which is absolutely fantastic.”


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