Work Wide Women and Google help women across Italy gain key digital skills

Work Wide Women is a learning platform that provides training and networking opportunities to a community of 2,000 women across Italy. “Our aim is to increase female employment by integrating women into the digital world,” says Linda Serra, Co-Founder and CEO. After Linda was approached by her Google Italia contact Livia Bettini, they started to explore ideas to strengthen interaction amongst the site’s existing network and to attract new members. “We’ve been working with Google for a year and a half. It goes without saying that having endorsement from such a well-known partner has been hugely useful,” says Linda. Together they organised a series of offline training events – Google Product Days – with Google providing support with venues, trainers and training material. Ten events have so far been delivered, giving women the chance to build new skills and understanding in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube and Google Hangouts, which they can use to boost their careers and pursue new business ideas. “The good thing is that there are women from all over Italy,” says Linda. “And every event we do is an opportunity for them to meet again and catch up.” Linda is now being contacted by women’s associations in other parts of Europe to export the training format, which is backed by real examples of life-changing impact, as Work Wide Women member Robert Moretti can testify: “I really have to thank the team who organised these courses; today I have a new business project, a new partner, and, as a result, a new professional vision.”

Our aim is to increase female employment by integrating women into the digital world, and having endorsement from such a well-known partner as Google has been hugely useful.

Linda Serra, Co-Founder and CEO, Work Wide Women


Milan, Italy


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