How better understanding their customers boosted sales for one British family business

A British family run business who produce a unique range of Victorian-inspired nightwear, White Nightie, was hit hard by the effects of Covid-19 in early March.

Like many small businesses, White Nightie saw their sales begin to dwindle and owner Tania Hall realised that they needed their online shop to work more efficiently.

Google helped them explore search trends to understand how their business could be found more easily by new customers and how they could best promote their products. With a better understanding of the nightwear market and the support of the Google team, they launched a new campaign focused on their products with the highest demand.

Tania noticed immediate impact, she went from wondering when the next order was coming, to experiencing a steady stream. Tania said it was “our most productive trading day to date, receiving the highest amount of orders in one day, literally overnight”.

White Nightie were not only able to keep business ticking over but saw their largest ever sales increase in the two months following their online restructure - providing vital growth in a time of great uncertainty. After an initial spike in sales as many shoppers moved online due to the pandemic, sales have remained steady since then with Google continuing to support sales.

Despite starting the business as a side venture, this fast growth has meant White Nightie is now a main focus for Tania and her family. They have even branched out and opened another sister site, Tucked In, with another family member selling children's nightwear - something she hadn’t expected to happen so soon.

Tania continues to analyse her Google Campaigns to make sure they are working with their best interests and sales remain positive.

We had our most productive trading day to date, receiving the highest amount of orders in one day, literally overnight.

Tania Hall, Owner, White Nightie


Bournemouth, United Kingdom


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