Tilburg University increases student numbers by 10% using Google Ads

The Roomsch Katholieke Handelshoogeschool, Roman Catholic Business College, opened in 1927 with 13 lecturers and 28 students. It has since grown dramatically, and is now better known as Tilburg University. Since it began using Google Ads in 2008, student numbers have risen by 10%.

Marketing manager Maarten van den Dungen says it’s important to develop close relationships with potential students and treat them as clients: “You need to understand your target group and tailor your message to them,” he explains. “As we’ve gained a better understanding of the various tools over the last few years, we’ve attracted more potential students and become more focused on them, rather than simply thrusting education in their faces.” As a result, Tilburg University is able to provide a better and more cooperative learning experience, and uses all the various Google products, including Gmail, Calendar and Drive, to offer students close support. Maarten concludes, “Google has helped us to establish good relationships with our students, and to understand them better.”

Google has helped us to establish better relationships with our students, and to understand them better.

Maarten van den Dungen, Marketing Manager, Tilburg University


Tilburg, Netherlands


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