TelliQ offers first-class telematics services thanks to Google Maps API

The Arboga-based company TelliQ develops and sells telematics services for companies where vehicles, machinery and plants represent an important part of the business. The services are largely based on Google Maps, which makes it possible to follow activities in real time based on geographical location. “Google Maps supports us throughout our entire product, and thanks to Maps we have developed and integrated multiple features into the service, including Street View, to see places, map layers for your own notes, and up-to-date traffic data. Using telematics we provide the customer with better control over distributed units and what they’re producing,” explains Joakim Lindquist, CEO of the company, who continues: “With Google Maps we are able to create a more advanced product.”

TelliQ’s engineers work on an ongoing basis to improve their services and take full advantage of everything Maps has to offer. “Our developers love Google’s open APIs: high uptime, fast, reliable – and there are different tools around the product such as Earth and Engine, both of which are user friendly for the engineers and very customisable,” concludes Joakim.

With Google Maps we are able to create a more advanced product.

Joakim Lindquist, CEO, TelliQ


Arboga, Sweden


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