Sugihara beauty therapy and surgery clinic gets steady stream of visitors

You couldn’t really call Sugihara beauty therapy and surgery clinic a newcomer to the Lithuanian market. It was founded in 1994, and it has had its own website for almost ten years. But the clinic only started to explore the opportunities offered by Google AdWords three years ago.

Monika Limbienė, Sugihara’s Marketing Manager, explains its impact: “Over the last three years our turnover has almost doubled, and AdWords has been partly responsible for this achievement.” Monika says that she advertises specific services at the clinic exclusively through AdWords, and that this is enough to ensure a 100% take-up rate.

Monika considers one of the advantages of AdWords to be the chance to save money on marketing. In her opinion, advertising through the Google network is cheaper than using websites or advertising directly online. Furthermore, AdWords allows the clinic to reach foreign markets, including some as far afield as Norway.

Monika concludes: “Why do we like Google? Because for the moment we can invest in a single channel and get a guaranteed stream of visitors.”

We can invest in a single channel and get a guaranteed stream of visitors.

Monika Limbienė, Marketing Manager, Sugihara


Vilnius, Lithuania


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