How the Yvonne Last beauty salon in Hoorn achieved dazzling online results

Yvonne Last runs a successful beauty salon in Hoorn. Nothing invigorates her more than a client who leaves her salon feeling totally satisfied. During the coronavirus crisis, she took part in some online Google workshops to boost her online findability. Since then, she’s accrued a lot more clients to satisfy. Perhaps even too many...

The Yvonne Last beauty salon specializes in skincare, skin improvement and acne treatments. Yvonne: “I started my own beauty salon from my home in April 2017, after having worked in the center of Hoorn for 17 years. I was a bit apprehensive when I began, not least because my location isn’t very central. But, from the start, my business performed better than I expected.”

Just like everyone else, the coronavirus outbreak took Yvonne completely by surprise. “The second lockdown in December was particularly difficult, because I had no idea how long it would all last.” During the coronavirus crisis, Yvonne started to focus more deliberately on her communications. “I started making short product films for social media, which led to more orders. But I didn’t know anything about the opportunities that Google offers to improve your website performance.""

By attending Google's Digitale Werkplaats workshops, Yvonne learned how to boost her visibility and optimize reviews. “My coach, Lisa, gave me a huge amount of help. By adding our full range of treatments and products, my beauty salon now features higher in the local search results. It led to lots of enquiries. So many, in fact, that I unfortunately can’t take on any new clients right now. It’s a luxury problem, of course. Thanks to Google, a whole new world has opened up to me.”

Thanks to Google, I’ve seen a vast improvement in my website’s performance. My beauty salon and my products now rank much higher in search results. It’s led to so many new clients, I can’t take on any new ones at the moment. It’s a fantastic result, of course.

Yvonne Last, Owner, Beauty Salon Yvonne Last


Hoorn, The Netherlands


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