Ruta ett DVD have a shop window to the whole world

Production company Ruta ett DVD distributes its animated children’s programmes independently on YouTube. Episodes on YouTube and apps on Google Play make it into primetime slots worldwide: “YouTube has been our way of growing globally. Now we can control our own distribution to a certain extent. We’re reaching out directly to our target audience; it’s fantastic. YouTube has given us the tools to compete with big distribution companies and keep up with developments,” explains Pelle Ferner, CEO of Ruta ett DVD. The series Heroes of the City is available on YouTube in 13 different languages, and went from 10,000 views per day during March 2014 to 200,000 overall on YouTube in November. “We’re seeing a clear trend on YouTube – the more we get out there, the more downloads we get on Play. It takes a while to get people to pay for apps, but once they’ve got the hang of it, there’s a big rush,” says Pelle and continues: “Google has given us a shop window to the world.” It has been crucial for the company to have this control and knowledge which allows them to grow. “We aren’t amazing pros – but with great support for the tools, using them is much easier. You’re happier and it feels more comfortable when you have a partner like YouTube helping you out. It inspires me and makes me believe anything is possible – with YouTube, you can just say ‘Let’s go’ and launch in the Arab-speaking world tomorrow,” concludes Pelle Ferner.

YouTube has given us the tools to compete with the big companies and keep up with developments

Pelle Ferner, CEO, Ruta ett DVD


Falun, Sweden


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