Progetto Quid: How an Italian social enterprise pivoted their business during a crisis

Seven years ago, Anna Fiscale set out to create Progetto Quid: an Italian social enterprise that offers stylish, affordable and sustainable fashion, creating employment opportunities for women coming out of difficult situations.

Employing 142 people from 16 countries, with 85% being women, the business was succeeding in what Anna set out to accomplish.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, and with Italy being one of the worst affected countries in Europe, life changed completely. Progetto Quid were forced to close all of their nine shops, resulting in a huge loss for the company. With a large percentage of workers being the sole provider and support for their families, Progetto Quid felt a huge amount of responsibility to carry on in some way and to find a solution to keep going.

Showing resilience and adapting their production line, the business converted part of the production to create certified non-medical masks. In just over two months, they received orders for over 700,000 pieces, with Google ads helping to boost visibility to their collections. This meant that the company didn’t need to fire any staff and were able to stay open and hopeful.

Valeria Valotta, Vice President of Progetto Quid said, “Coming back to work was like a party, like a celebration. We are many threads of one single fabric - and so, if we are connected for worse, we can be connected for better as well.”

Google Ads has been giving visibility to our collection. In just over two months, we received orders for over 700,000 pieces.

Anna Fiscale, Founder & President, Progetto Quid




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