PricePlanet gets 2.3 million clicks in less than a year

Over the course of just ten months, Google AdWords has delivered 2.3 million potential customers to PricePlanet – a newly established price comparison site that lists products from quality online retailers. As a result, Owner Bo Krogsgaard has been able to rapidly establish PricePlanet across Scandinavia, and he expects to be operating in ten different European countries in 2015.

PricePlanet’s ads have been shown millions of times via AdWords, which says a lot about the tool’s potential for generating traffic. Creating a brand takes time, so part of the company’s strategy has been to be highly visible via AdWords from the start. “Without AdWords our company would not have expanded so quickly. It is an important part of getting the site well positioned and made directly visible,” says an enthusiastic Bo Krogsgaard. He also puts strongly growing sales and great customer access down to Google’s tools, which let him keep an eye on and respond to information from AdWords. “A good set of AdWords provides the greatest interaction. We’re really pleased with our online presence and we are hope to continue to enhance this with the help of AdWords.”

A good set of AdWords provides the greatest interaction.

Bo Krogsgaard, Owner, PricePlanet


Hillerød, Denmark


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