Nordeus creates high-end jobs for developers in south-east Europe thanks to Android

Nordeus is an independent mobile games developer, based in Belgrade. The company’s most popular sports game, Top Eleven, lets players compete with their friends online by building and managing their own football teams. Initially launched on social media, Top Eleven is now available on multiple platforms and has more than 170 million users worldwide. “Offering Top Eleven on Android was the real turning point. We've seen significant growth in the number of active users — so now 75% of them are on Android — which accounts for more than 50% of our revenue,” says Nikola Cavic, Head of Business Development. “And making the move was quick and easy thanks to Android being so accessible and developer-friendly.”

Nordeus is using this revenue boost to create opportunities for expert developers and engineers. “Serbia currently has a brain drain as all of our talented young developers must move abroad to find jobs. Android has made it possible to export our games globally, so now we can offer more jobs to skilled developers in Serbia and its neighbouring countries,” says Nikola. “Since bringing Android on board in 2012, we’ve grown from 68 to 166 employees, and we’re still growing.” This success is also enabling Nordeus to attract skilled employees from abroad and support its goal of boosting the Serbian technology sector and developing local talent. “Our aim is to help our society turn the challenges of the digital revolution into opportunities, and to build the leading digital innovation hub in this part of Europe,” says Nikola.

Android has made it possible for us to export our games globally, which means we can offer more local jobs to developers in Serbia and its neighbouring countries.

Nikola Cavic, Head of Business Development, Nordeus


Belgrade, Serbia


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