Google Ads helps creative company reach the right audience at the right time

Over the last few years, Pieter Bosschaard and Paul van Hattem have developed Mr. Prezident into an enterprise that operates in over 26 countries and has a workforce of 18. Mr. Prezident produces creative presentations for clients all over the world.The demand for their creative work comes from companies with complex information that they find hard to present in an attractive way. The challenge for Mr. Prezident is to reach the right people at the right time –. So to reach their target the company mainly uses Google Ads to ensure that anyone who needs a creative presentation can find them right away. .. In fact, according to them, nearly half of their requests come through Google Ads, which plays a crucial role in generating new business.

We see Google Ads as the equivalent of an entire sales team. If we rang round companies ourselves, we wouldn’t have much of a chance to get hold of the right people at the right time. With Google Ads it works the other way round, as our clients find us when they need us.

Pieter Bosschaart, Co-Founder, Mr. Prezident


Amsterdam, Netherlands


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