MoonDot: increasing sales by 70% and looking to hire new staff

Comfortable, knitted pouffes, seat covers, cushions and colourful baskets – all these things are hand made in a small studio in Poznań by Katarzyna Szwarc, the owner of MoonDot. Before participating in the Google Internet Revolutions training program, Katarzyna Szwarc ran an online store and only promoted her products on the company's social media channels. She mostly sold her handicrafts at interior design fairs, but the situation surrounding the pandemic put a stop to her offline sales.

"The stall was often a significant cost, which was rarely counter-balanced by sales. Many of the customers I met at these fairs didn't purchase anything on the spot. They usually came back to me online and that was how we arranged their order details."

Katarzyna made a choice to exclusively focus her business online and took part in Google Internet Revolutions.

"During the training, I learned how to effectively position my business in search results and what changes to introduce on the website so that potential customers could find my products. In the end it all boiled down to changing my photo descriptions. Thanks to this simple change, I can now attract customers who look for products through Google Image searches."

Thanks to the guidance offered by the Internet Revolutions advisor, the owner didn’t suffer a decrease in orders during the most difficult time of the pandemic, but recorded an increase in sales by over 70%.

"Up until this point, I’ve worked on my own, but as a result of my sales, I can now think about hiring an employee. In the near future, the aim is that my new employee will assist me in manufacturing the products so that I can spend more time creating new patterns and online promotions. Thanks to the training, I learned how to analyse website traffic and interpret hard data provided by Google. Now, I don’t wait for likes on my social media or despair when there are too few of them, as I can now clearly see that even if the engagement on these channels is weak, customers still find my site – and after all, that’s what it’s all about."

I learned how to analyse website traffic and interpret hard data provided by Google.

Katarzyna Szwarc, Business owner, MoonDot




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