MO wins international markets with the help of Google

MO, Portugal's leading textile fashion brand, which is already 25 years old, outdid itself during a difficult year. By implementing a strong digital strategy and adapting their product offerings, 2020 turned out to be better than expected.

The brand's internationalisation started several years ago, but it was “oddly enough before Covid” that everything evolved, as Diana Pinto, Head of Marketing & E-commerce at MO, begins to explain. "Until January 2020 we did not have the website available to international markets and, in that month, we were able to reach several countries in Europe". To launch in territories such as Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, it was necessary to implement a strong digital strategy: “Google was immediately the chosen partner and identified as strategic. Without this team and its tools, this step would not have been possible", says Diana, explaining which resources were used: “Google Ads was fundamental for us to scale the business and reach markets, Google Analytics was our control tower in terms of performance analysis, sales evolution, website, etc. and Google Trends was very important for us to explore other markets, for us to understand the particularity of each one and the variability of the demand for the product”.

MO also had the support of the agency Wise Pirates, which was responsible for creating the strategy and for media management, analyzing several international markets and helping to define the priorities for activating the campaign. MO, Google and Wise Pirates teamed up and defined a strong strategy when launching an innovative product - creating a face mask to fight the pandemic. To respond to this challenge, at a time when there was nothing of the kind available on the market, it was necessary to involve several partners: on the scientific side, the Lisbon Institute of Molecular Medicine and, on the strategic side, Google and Wise Pirates. “MO was a pioneer in Portugal and in the world to make the first face mask tested against the new coronavirus” says Diana, stressing that at a certain point in 2020, “80% of sales came from international markets”, a fact that made the entire team proud and that led to this item being chosen as the product of the year - a decision made by consumers.

But how was it possible to come up with a good plan in such a short time? Diana explains: “At first, our priority was to create a strong communication strategy. We needed to ensure that all the social media in the world would be talking about our product. The tactic with Google was to target countries that were more strategic for the brand", she says, noting that she had the support of Google Market Finder tool to define precisely these countries.

“We're a brand that sells clothes, and this is what we want to sell. This strategy will allow us to sell our core products in these new markets", Diana concludes.

Google was immediately the chosen partner and identified as strategic. Without this team and its tools, this step would not have been possible.

DIANA PINTO, Head of Marketing & E-commerce, MO




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