How YouTube helps women in Russia succeed

Meet Alina, Larisa and Elizaveta, three remarkable women from Russia who leveraged YouTube to surpass their career and business goals. While they all took different paths, each of them managed to leap towards their goals using YouTube to reach people across the world. Watch the video to find out more.

Alina leveraged YouTube to transform from a small town creator to a popular music video director, developing music videos for Little Big, one of the most successful bands in Russia, which represented the country in Eurovision in 2020. Her videos have millions of views from around the world. What is the key to her success? Three simple, but important elements: Identifying content interesting to other people, a passion to support musicians, and a will to continue even when it is not easy.

Larisa created a gardening channel with 1M+ followers from Russia, Europe, and the US. Her channel became a successful family business for her, her husband and daughter. When they started, they had almost nothing – only a phone and passion for gardening. This is a story about how to build the business of your dreams and cultivating a global following. Followers of Garden Guide see her passion, and this is the reason why there are so many of them.

And Elizabeth (aka DJ LIZA VETA) transformed her YouTube channel from a personal lifestyle blog to an online business with hair and style consultations for followers from all around the world. Elizabeth started her channel as a lifestyle blog about DJ work, when she realized Youtube gave her the chance to share her experience and energy with other people as a profession. What happened next? Elizabeth has a YouTube channel with more than 100 000 followers and her online consultations are now popular enough to serve as her sole source of income.

The bigger channel became, the more opportunities I had. Now I meet most interesting people like scientists, agronomists, and I’m grateful for this.

Larisa Zarubina, Creator of "Garden Guide" channel, YouTube




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