Koffieblom gets found with Google My Business

Hans and his wife Margo have owned and run coffee shop Koffieblom for the past 19 years. With their passion for and wide knowledge of coffee, starting the shop was the perfect move for them. As well as coffee they now sell different kinds of nuts, tropical fruits, teas and gifts, and they knew that with their product line growing, their digital strategy needed to as well.

That’s when the couple discovered Google My Business. It offers Koffieblom the opportunity to easily promote their products by uploading updates on new products, along with images. They say that because it’s simple and free, it’s been a great way for them to inform existing and potential new customers about what’s new. Koffieblom also say that they get found more easily by customers since using Google My Business.

Hans and Margo are passionate about their customers and care about making sure they have a great experience every time they visit. They’ve particularly found that the option to reply to reviews through Google My Business has helped them build loyalty with customers, and say, “Google My Business encourages more customers to visit our shop.”

Google My Business encourages more customers to visit our shop

Hans Blom, Owner, Koffieblom


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