Finding new opportunities - how one business observed consumer trends to stay afloat during lockdown and bring back furloughed staff

When the UK went into lockdown in March, moving company JamVans was immediately impacted by the new regulations. Customers were unable to move homes and the JamVans team faced uncertainty with all bookings in the foreseeable future cancelled.

With no clear timeline for when restrictions might be lifted, JamVans had to act quickly to keep the business afloat.

The company soon discovered a rise in demand for storage as people looked for solutions to delay their house moves - but this was a new territory for the business.

With help from the Google team, JamVans explored the trends of the storage industry and worked with Google to create a new strategy to reach a more specific set of customers who were looking to move or store their belongings.

JamVans then adapted their service quickly to offer a contact free collection service with home storage solutions. After only two months, JamVans successfully managed to diversify its business - something co-founder Matt Williams saw as essential to weathering the storm.

This new strategy allowed the business to start capturing new business leads, tripling their storage revenue and resulted in them bringing back furloughed staff much sooner than expected - outcomes which Matt expressed were crucial to ensuring the stability of the business.

Google stepped in and asked if they could help.

Matt Williams, Co-Founder, JamVans


United Kingdom


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