Internetowe Rewolucje helps break into new markets

For Sylwia Kempa, Google’s Internetowe Rewolucje was an opportunity to follow a new career path within her marketing agency, After building her digital skills through the training programme, she was promoted to Content Marketing Manager, responsible for overseeing online campaigns and the agency’s expansion in local and international markets. “Taking part in Internetowe Rewolucje assured me that choosing to develop my digital skills was the best decision I could make,” says Sylwia. “I now have the qualification to turn my passion into a career.”

During the programme, Sylwia was given the opportunity to lead workshops and consultations with businesses and entrepreneurs, helping her gain a better understanding of the marketing needs of local companies. She took this knowledge into her role at to support the promotion of the agency’s services. “Internetowe Rewolucje has enabled us to identify and meet the needs of companies operating in our market,” says Sylwia. “Through constant contact with businesses and entrepreneurs, I got to know their individual needs, and this has helped us effectively promote our services to these audiences.”

By offering tailored digital marketing packages to different customer groups, has seen an increase in both leads and customers. The agency has also expanded its activities into Italy and the UAE, and has created a new content marketing department. “Skilfully planned and executed digital campaigns are the real key to success,” says Sylwia.

Internetowe Rewolucje has enabled us to identify and meet the needs of companies operating in our market.

Sylwia Kempa, Content Marketing Manager,


Zabrze, Poland


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