How language learning became a business

Founded in 2007, the Lingua Lituanica Language and Culture Institute teaches students from all over the world how to speak Lithuanian, one of the oldest languages in Europe. The Institute also acquaints visitors with Lithuanian culture by organising events, such as exhibitions, poetry evenings and classical music concerts.

Dovilė Kruopytė, Assistant Director of the Institute, recounts passionately how the business started from just an idea, with small classes and only a few students. Now the Institute is well established in the heart of Vilnius, with large, modern premises.

The Institute is enjoying a steady increase in the number of both clients and partners. Dovilė says that advertising with Google AdWords was a key stimulus for growth – the possibilities it presents for precise targeting suited the very specific requirements of the Institute. Once AdWords campaigns had been activated, the number of people expressing an interest in the Institute rose sharply – opening doors to new markets such as Korea and Guatemala.

When going through the data provided by AdWords, the Institute came across a plagiarised version of their activities and website on more than one occasion. As a result, the Institute now analyses AdWords reports every month and uses them to plan its ongoing marketing strategy. Currently it dedicates around 35% of its advertising budget to AdWords campaigns, but it plans to increase this figure in the future.

Dovilė proudly states: “People often ask how we turned language learning into a business. Well the answer is AdWords!”

People often ask how we turned language learning into a business. Well the answer is AdWords!

Dovilė Kruopytė, Assistant Director, Lingua Lituanica Language and Culture Institute


Vilnius, Lithuania


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