How a small village opened its doors to the world

Like many small villages in Greece, Rokka faced a problem where its young people had moved away to study or find work. To encourage them to come back, locals came up with the idea of holding a festival every summer – Giortes Rokkas – a celebration of the arts, society and culture.

With help from Grow Greek Tourism Online, locals learned how to use technology to spread the word – not only helping to bring young people back, but inviting people across the world to share in the local culture. Every year the festival grows, places reopen, new businesses start, and once again the village is full of life.

Now, every summer Giortes Rokkas tell a remarkable story. The story of a place that is craving life and development and expresses it through a series of music, art, theater and cultural events, all taking place under the August full moon.

With the help of the Internet and technology, these villages in Crete are in contact with the whole world and vice versa

Mety Panagiotopoulou, Creative Coordinator at Giortes Rokkas, Giortes Rokkas


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