Giving people with disabilities access to active tourism

Pavel Kochkarev, founder of Integra Tour, had always been interested in socially responsible business and, by early 2016, had finalized the idea of creating a travel agency for people with disabilities. But where to begin? How to draw up a business plan and establish a clientele?

Business Class educational programme by Google and Sberbank, launched in 2016 in Russia, provided the answers. Among the first to take part in it, Pavel was able to put the key business processes in place, create an operational model for the company and start turning a profit. The programme even helped him find his first clients. In particular, Integra Tour provided transportation to Tatarstan for the participants of the “Seeing the Invisible”, an exhibition for the blind and visually-impaired. In fact, in just two years the company has improved the lives of more than 3,000 people, conducted 150 excursions along 12 tailor-made routes, and organized 50 events – resulting in a tripling of its initial earnings. Immediate plans call for establishing ties with business partners abroad to bring the greatest possible number of foreign tourists to Russia.

Our main goal at Integra Tour is to help people and show them how beautiful and unique Tatarstan is. Thanks to Business Class, we were able to not only lay the foundation for a successful business but also to build up our self-confidence.

Pavel Kochkarev, Founder, Integra Tour


Kazan, Russia


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