Fastpond: the magic of Japan, just outside Rome

Landscapes which express the style, the atmosphere, the passion for details which characterize the Asian culture. We are talking about the amazing designs of Fastpond, a company belonging to Gabriele Montemurro and Marco Apolloni, specialized in the creation of Japanese gardens and ponds. Environments studied down to the smallest detail, enriched by the elegant and colorful Koi carps. These animals are selected and imported straight from Japan and customers can get to know them better thanks to the all-inclusive customer service provided by the company: “We take care of everything - explains Marco - from the transportation to the certificates and the instructions about how to feed them”. In the Japanese tradition Koi carps represent courage and dedication, the qualities deployed in the development of Fastpond, born as a bet with a capital of just a few hundred Euros, which has become one of the biggest Italian enterprises in this field. Internet was crucial in the process of achieving such results: “Thanks to Google My Business we have advertised our business all over Italy. In just a few minutes we created a web site suitable for all devices”, explains Gabriele. Moreover, through the Post function, “we can update customers about our latest creations or new products”. A wining mix blending tradition and innovation, for a limitless enterprise because “as Japanese people are used to saying, ‘even the longest journey starts with a single step”.

Internet was crucial for us. Thanks to Google My Business we could make ourselves known all over Italy. In just a few minutes we created an easy-to-use website, suitable for all devices, we added our pictures and our history. Today our clients can find us in a simple and intuitive way.

Gabriele Montemurro, Co Founder, Fastpond


Rome , Italy


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