The app that rewards sustainable mobility

The way we travel in cities is leading to an alarming rise in pollution and CO2 levels, the main cause of climate change. When Gregorio Magno felt his work as a researcher didn’t have any immediate benefit for the environment, he looked to technology to make a difference.

Turning his back on his career, Gregorio focused all of his efforts on creating Ciclogreen, an app that rewards the use of sustainable means of transport. Developing the app on Android meant he could reach the greatest number of people and create the biggest environmental impact. Whether it’s people cycling, walking, or even skating, every kilometre travelled is converted into rewards, ranging from a free coffee to a ticket for a gig.

In just a short time, the app has brought together a large community of committed citizens in Spain, including universities, businesses, and councils.

Gregorio is now on a mission to transform cities around the world.

Together we can create a better future.

Gregorio Magno, Founder, Ciclogreen




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