The entire world becomes Blouse Roumaine Shop’s oyster

The Romanian blouse has been an inspiration to many artists, from Matisse to modern-day designers. For Antoaneta Mareş, CEO of the Blouse Roumaine Shop, watching a fashion show sparked an idea that went on to take shape and become a reality with Google’s help. Antoaneta describes some of the fears that any budding entrepreneur experiences: “When you start a business, you worry about how much money you’re spending every day.” She goes on to explain how Google eliminated these fears by providing a return on her investment. Antoaneta also explains that Google Ads is very easy to use: you simply select keywords that are relevant to your business. By using the tool, Blouse Roumaine Shop started receiving many more orders and was able to identify its clients with accuracy and efficiency. Antoaneta says: “I basically realised that the entire world is a potential market.” There are many brave and creative entrepreneurs in Romania, and this is just one example of how human creativity combined with Google’s efficiency can create a success story.

I basically realised that the entire world is a potential market.

Antoaneta Mareş, CEO, Blouse Roumaine Shop


Bucharest, Romania


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