The app that brings sight to the blind

Hans Jørgen Wiberg was 25 years old when he was diagnosed with an illness that would lead to him going blind. Years later, whilst working as a consultant for the Danish Association for the Blind, he had an idea: what if you could connect the blind and partially sighted with a network of sighted volunteers via a live video call?

With his eyesight decreasing, Hans turned to Android to develop his app Be My Eyes. The wide reach of the Android operating system meant that he could help the greatest number of blind people, especially in developing countries.

There are now 860,000 volunteers providing visual assistance to 58,000 blind and partially sighted users. Be My Eyes is a huge success for those that need help, and those that want to help.

With our app, we can transform the lives of the blind.

Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Be My Eyes Founder, Be My Eyes




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