How Google My Business helps this financial advisor succeed

The goal: becoming more discoverable online for new clients

Andrea Nicola Mayr knew early on that she wanted to start her own business. She’d seen too many clients coming out of financial consultations with other advisers looking even more confused than when they went in, saddled under the weight of some 200-page report. For Andrea, good financial advice looked different. And she could do it better.

By 2013, it was time. Andrea launched her business, securing her reputation as someone with a personal touch and advice that actually helped her clients. For her, building a rapport is particularly important, which is why you'll often find her hosting her consultations in more laid back manner, opting for her favourite band's T-shirt over a more formal shirt and blazer. After all, there’s no rule to say you can’t be a metalhead and a good financial adviser at the same time. This approach has proven popular, and Andrea has worked with almost 200 clients.

To help her business continue to grow, Andrea felt it was important to establish a presence online. Being able to show her positive reviews was a key part of her strategy, so she created a Google My Business profile in March 2019.

How a professional look and reviews can attract more business

Her Google My Business page was set up in no time – a few details about the services she offered, a link to her website, one or two photos, and it was ready to go. Google My Business allows companies to distinguish themselves as “women-led”, which was perfect for businesswomen like Andrea.

With her own Google My Business profile, Andrea now shows up in local searches on Google Maps and on Google Search, which has helped secure around 30 new clients from the surrounding Munich area.

Reviews left by Google users are equally important to her increased online visibility. They show that she has already helped many people, describe what makes her consultations unique, and what sets her apart from other consulting firms. This builds trust among Andrea’s clients, which is particularly crucial in sensitive areas like financial and insurance advice.

“People trust Google reviews a lot,” says Andrea. “Let’s say I’m looking for a Thai restaurant, and there are three of them nearby. One has a two-star review rating, the next one three, and the last one has five. I’m probably going to go to the restaurant with five stars – and I imagine you would too!”

So far, Andrea has received 60 reviews, and every single one is five stars. As one happy customer posted: “I’m so grateful to Andrea. Without her, I probably would have taken out an even worse disability insurance contract or just kept putting the whole matter off. I can recommend her help and advice to anyone who needs it.”

Even before the pandemic, Andrea was already offering video consultations, making it easy for her clients to reach her from wherever they felt comfortable. When COVID-19 took us all by surprise in 2020, Andrea’s business was already well placed with its online presence to face the situation. Suddenly, more people than ever were concerned with financial security, and they now had the time to look into it.

Visible results

With her increased online presence and positive reviews, Andrea Nicola Mayr was able to reach even more people and guide them in their key life decisions. She also always makes sure to be available to her clients, both professionally and personally. This sense of closeness was especially important for her during the pandemic, when many people were faced with difficult circumstances.

Since setting up her Google My Business page, Andrea has increased her client base by 25%. What’s more, her profile makes such an impression that 60% of all views lead to a first meeting.

So, what’s next? In the near future, Andrea wants to try out Google Ads too, so she can reach even more potential clients in her area.

To get ahead in my job, you have to be seen by the world. It's no use if you do incredibly good work and have satisfied customers, but nobody sees it. That's why online visibility and reviews are very important features for me.

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