Noemi Reina: Learning digital skills to support a local community

By studying, you learn how to grow. It’s not just something you do for yourself: it helps to generate a new energy that can be used to help your community. “I think that digital technologies are pivotal to boost my region. Thanks to all the steps I took in the digital market, I am now more confident”. This is what Noemi Reina says, a digital strategist who has channeled her enthusiasm into the development of digital business ideas. She loves Genoa, her city, and has a “very deep, strong relationship” with it. Noemi didn’t ask herself what she could get from her surroundings but learnt the skills she could give to the local community to help make it grow. She turned her enthusiasm into a professional activity, to deliver a tangible service to local companies.

“When we went into lockdown, I was working as a consultant for two companies" – Noemi said – "I needed to put together ideas and build new opportunities, given the difficult situation we were in, so I signed up for the Google Digital Workshop. It’s easy because you can follow the courses online, on any device, and the digital course is free of charge and very helpful. I felt the urge to update myself on proximity marketing, especially mobile-oriented, because local marketing is extremely useful for the small companies that I often work with and were the most affected by the pandemic. Some decided to stop and wait until the pandemic was over: others reacted".

“Toro & Moro, a producer of sustainable made-to-order T-shirts and shoppers for which I work, decided to invest: we launched a fundraising campaign for the hospital of Alessandria. The idea also came from something that I had learnt during the course. Meanwhile, the company invested in Google Ads campaigns and social media marketing. At the end, brand awareness went up and they also did something that helped others”.

Noemi has invested in a digital career and has built up a great deal of experience over recent years, earning herself a reputation in digital marketing. “I see the future as a challenge and a stimulus. I always try to see and process tomorrow as an opportunity to grow, which is why I was really interested in the machine learning and industry 4.0 modules of the Google Digital Workshop: that’s where you can get an idea of what's going to happen in the field”. Without losing track of her personal aspirations, Noemi explains, “My job has always been to support others: now I would like to create something of my own and manage it all. I could do this with my parents’ wine bar here in Liguria. Making their business grow with my know-how and ideas: this would be one of the greatest projects to work on one day”.

I believe that digital technology can help to boost my region. Google Digital Workshop has given me the confidence and digital skills to help me give a better service to companies.

Noemi Reina, Digital Consultant, Noemi Reina




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