Macaria: Setting foot in the digital world to provide end-of-life care

In Ancient Greece, Macaria was the goddess of a blessed death. In this world, it’s a professional service providing end-of-life-care to anticipate a serene passing as comfortable as possible.

Catherine Roupin is the woman behind Macaria, mother of three, pharmacist and entrepreneur. After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry and after a chapter of 2 years in a pharmacy where she got closer to the patient, she decided to launch her own business to assist people in the last stages of their life. With Macaria, she aims to overcome the taboo to speak openly about end-of-life preferences and to help people make the last arrangements for a peaceful passage by taking care of every aspect of the preparations. With her business up and running, Catherine was looking for ways to grow and find new people to help.

Catherine discovered Google Digital Atelier when she was invited to a workshop organised by the Atelier and her bank. Catherine was interested in the idea of learning more about the world of digital marketing, so decided to sign up on the spot for online coaching and workshops to expand her knowledge of the digital world. Catherine attended the sessions run by Google, and helped her to find new ways to potentially expand her business. The courses helped her to set foot in the world of digital marketing and to promote her business, essential for the pursuit of her ambitions: expanding Macaria to the rest of Europe.

The training I received at Google Digital Atelier helped me set foot in a world I wasn’t familiar with, which is the entire digital world.

Catherine Roupin, Founder, Macaria




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