Swisscom leverages Google Direct Carrier Billing to drive revenues

Swisscom enjoys a very strong position on the Swiss telecoms market, with a 60% market share in the retail and business sectors. However, when it comes to core business, Swisscom has faced some challenges in recent years with stagnating and slightly declining revenues. However, since the company launched Google Play Direct Carrier Billing, they’ve seen an increase in revenues of more than 100%, year on year. In September 2014, Swisscom launched a campaign which focused on increasing the number of active, paying customers using Direct Carrier Billing via the Google Play store. This campaign included a dedicated microsite, a digital newsletter sent out to 50% of Swisscom’s Android user base, a text-messaging campaign, social media updates, and discounts for customers using Google Direct Carrier Billing to make their payments. “The campaign has been very successful,” says Gerrit Schneider, Swisscom Marketing Manager, “We saw a 2% conversion rate and the number of active paying users has increased by 13%.” Thorsten Hau, Partner Manager, agrees that the decision has shown fantastic results. “This campaign had a massive impact on our bottom line, because we were able to increase our revenues by 43%, the number of transactions increased by 22%, and that’s really an amazing result for such a campaign.”

In terms of carrier billing, Android is really the most important platform. It’s really advanced from a technological standpoint and has a huge user base, which we can leverage.

Thorsten Hau, Partner Manager, Swisscom


Bern, Switzerland


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