Android ignites Fuelio's success

Fuelio is an app that allows drivers to track all the costs of running a vehicle, covering fuel, maintenance and more. The project began as a hobby for developer Adrian Kajda. He started developing the app in August 2011 and released a paid version a year later. In March 2015, Fuelio was acquired by Slovakian company Sygic, who also employed Adrian to manage and develop the app. Shortly after changing hands, Fuelio was made available free of charge on the Play Store. For Adrian, this was a great honour and a huge boost: “We went from approximately one-thousand to twenty-thousand downloads a day, just like that.” By mid-2016, the app had racked up almost one million downloads. According to Adrian, Android was the obvious choice as the app's platform for several reasons. “It’s the most open platform. Its design, services, and convenience make it better than the competition. It also makes it easy to enter new markets,” he says. “One big advantage with Android is the fact that you can choose a phone to suit you – cheap or expensive, there’s a phone for everyone,” he adds. It’s safe to say that Adrian doesn’t underestimate the impact the platform has had on his life: “Without Android there would be no Fuelio, and without Fuelio I wouldn’t have the job I do now. The outcome has exceeded all of my expectations.”

Android is the most open platform. Without Android there would be no Fuelio, and without Fuelio I wouldn’t have the job I do now.

Adrian Kajda, Developer and Product Manager, Fuelio


Bratislava, Slovakia and Opole, Poland


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