Revolutionary new international money transfer system goes from strength to strength

Started by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann, two Estonian friends, TransferWise is a clever new way of transferring money abroad at a lower cost than ever before. Customers have already moved more than 3 billion pounds using the platform, which has put over 135 million pounds back in their pockets. TransferWise began using Google AdWords in 2012. According to Joe Cross, Head of Consumer Marketing for TransferWise, “AdWords helps us communicate quickly with potential customers. Its geographic targeting has allowed us to expand our global reach rapidly and efficiently. AdWords has helped us establish ourselves as pioneers in the financial services sector.” The success of AdWords has also driven the expansion of TransferWise’s performance marketing team significantly over the past year. In 2012, TransferWise also began using Google Drive, making it possible for employees in its London and Estonian offices to store and work on marketing projects and documents simultaneously. At the same time, regular meetings on Google Hangouts enable TransferWise to “feel as if we’re all in the same room together, fostering a unified vision, collaborative workflow and single culture across our office locations”.

AdWords has helped us establish ourselves as pioneers in the financial services sector.

Joe Cross, General Manager USA, TransferWise


London, UK


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