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Creators House gives young creatives the chance to thrive, with a little help from Google

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As a free, multipurpose studio for young people, Creators House gives creatives from underrepresented backgrounds a home.

The UK’s creative industries are thriving. But Batuala Alexander, a former brand manager who owns his own creative agency, knows that all too often, the benefits of this success don’t tend to reach young people from underrepresented communities.

“Young creatives, especially people of colour and women, have to overcome far more barriers to opportunity within the creative industry,” he says. “And we knew we could do something about it. I wanted to create something that will have long-term impact and hopefully create systemic change within the creative industry. I wanted to do more for my community.”

Batuala’s wife, Franci Viviana, is the co-founder and creative director of Creators House. The pair have founded a free, multipurpose studio for 18-25 year olds. Creators House provides hotdesking facilities, studio space, cameras, and audio equipment to all kinds of creatives, from podcasters to art directors to writers, DJs, marketers, influencers, and artists. They also offer therapy sessions that help young creatives understand and process their emotions — helping them grow as people and artists.

Batuala credits Google training with helping Creators House to flourish: “I completed the Build Your Personal Brand Online and Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Garage workshops to improve my skill set. Both of these courses provided insights that informed our marketing strategy — helping us to raise the profile of Creators House while attracting users and investment.”

“To achieve their potential, young people need accessible studio space that’s free or cheap. Our vision is to empower young creatives to go as far as they can,” says Batuala. “And being a Camden boy born and raised, I’m proud to be able to give back to my community.”

With this motivation, and a network of young creative contacts they gained during their time in the industry, Batuala and Franci soon created a vibrant, productive, self-funded studio space.

Word spread among aspiring marketers, artists, and influencers as Creators House racked up an impressive five-star rating on its Google Business Profile from hundreds of reviews — helping to drive a steady stream of users.

The young people at Creators House are benefiting from Google’s support, too. “Seventy-five young people from our network have completed the Create Videos With YouTube workshop and added a vital skill to their creative toolkit”

These resources have already started changing lives, and Batuala cites the progress of one young woman in particular as their proudest achievement so far: “She started DJing with the equipment we provide at Creators House. Eventually she managed to find herself paid gigs — including a Foot Locker event. We’re so proud to give opportunities to people like her.”

And while Batuala and Franci help young people to build a future in the industry, they’re also planning a bright future for Creators House.

“We think we’ve started something important here — something that can make a huge difference to underrepresented communities. Long term, we’d love to open studios that help young people everywhere. And if we can inspire others to open similar spaces, that would be even more amazing.”

“Google Digital Garage workshops elevated my skill set, which helped us to find investment.”

Batuala Alexander, Founder, Creators House

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