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Tripling website visits using Google Ads during lockdown


Lynsey realised that during lock down parents would be looking for more books while homeschooling. She used Google tools to find new customers for her children's books and, since March, her website visits have tripled, selling more books than ever.

“Google my Business has helped us to help our customers. We could let them know we were still open for business and fully stocked up with children’s books. It is amazing to have a versatile and visible storefront apart from the website that drives traffic to our products, helping people to find us and trust us.

When the schools closed, parents and carers were suddenly doing a lot more searching for home schooling and home education resources and we wanted to let parents know books were an important part of that. Particularly diverse children’s books that would continue to teach them about the world and transport them outside of their ‘normality’ during this time. So we created ads that referenced that. Google Ads helped us to reach an audience that might not have otherwise found us.”

“Using Google Analytics we can see that our website visits tripled from March to April and we sold the most books we have ever sold in a month.”


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