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Google Developer Scholarship Program

The Google Developer Scholarship Program, a joint effort between Google and Udacity, provides mobile and web developer training to people looking to upskill or start new jobs as developers.

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Google Developer Scholarship Program

  • Level: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 3 months (Challenge courses); 6 months (Nanodegree programs)
  • Cost: Free (scholarships funded by Google)
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The program

In October 2017, we launched the Google Developer Scholarship Program—a joint effort with Udacity to help people across the U.S. unlock new skills, new jobs, and new possibilities.

The program gave scholarships for “challenge courses” to tens of thousands of learners across the U.S. to help them strengthen their mobile and web developer skills through curriculum designed by experts from Google and Udacity. In April 2018, five thousand of the top performers from the initial program also received 6-month scholarships for Udacity Nanodegree programs.

As part of the Nanodegree, students complete a portfolio of projects that can be showcased during job interviews and evaluated against a competency rubric that proves the student has learned the Android or mobile web development skills required for that job.

Once students successfully complete the Nanodegree program, they earn an industry-recognized credential that can create a pathway to new jobs. Students also finish the program prepared to take one of Google’s Developer Certification Exams: Associate Android Developer or Mobile Web Specialist.


The number of Challenge scholarships offered by Google in 2017


The number of new web and software developer jobs by 2026

Built-in support and community

To ensure students are set up for success, community-driven support is available as part of the challenge courses. Students participating in the Nanodegree programs receive personal mentors, tailored feedback from expert project reviewers, and benefit from an engaging community of fellow learners.

Opportunity for everyone

In today’s increasingly digital economy, developers have never been more in demand. Projections show that by 2026, more than 325,000 web and software developer jobs will be added to the workforce, and these jobs show an average growth rate of 15% compared to 7% for all other occupations. No matter your location or skill level, the Google Developer Scholarship Program is available to anyone. If you have the drive to succeed, we believe in helping you find the tools to do so.

How to get started

The deadline to apply for developer scholarships in the first cohort of students has passed. To get notified for future opportunities, sign up here.