Digital skills training for people impacted by the justice system

With the help of organizations across the country, we’re equipping formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted people with critical digital skills they can use to get a job or start a business.
Grow with Google Practitioner's Guide


Grow with Google Practitioner's Guide

Through curated lessons focused on foundational digital skills, Grow with Google and its five founding partners–The Ladies of Hope Ministries, Center for Employment Opportunities, Defy Ventures, Fortune Society and The Last Mile–trained 10,000 people across the US in 2021. More than 80 percent of participants reported improvement in their digital skills and career readiness.

This guide highlights what we’ve learned and provides best practices for partners leading this work in their communities.

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Join the Grow with Google Partner Program

Any nonprofit organization can join the Grow with Google Partner Program. Today, more than 9,000 nonprofit partners across the U.S. have access to additional resources, digital skills-focused workshop materials, and hands-on help from a dedicated team at Google, specifically designed to support job seekers and small businesses.

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Explore the program learning paths

We’ve worked with our five founding partners to jointly curate a collection of video-based digital skills lessons for justice-impacted individuals. Grow with Google offers five learning paths focused on developing the necessary skills for the evolving job market, and are all available online for program partners.

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Learn how Google is building belonging

Supporting justice-impacted communities is just one example of the work Google is doing to unlock opportunity. Learn more about how Google is helping build a world where everyone can belong.

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