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Business owners who learned new skills to take the next step for their businesses like how to drive website traffic or reach new customers1


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  • Angelina Darrisaw

    National Coach
    Angelina Darrisaw
    Founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, a career-coaching resource that helps organizations retain and engage diverse talent.
  • Jake Foreman

    Indigenous Community Coach
    Jake Foreman
    Director at New Mexico Community Capital, an organization that provides tools to emerging Indigenous-owned businesses and tribal enterprises.
  • Roberto Martinez

    California Coach

    Hablo español

    Roberto Martinez
    Founder and CEO of Braven Agency, a digital marketing agency, with over 14 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience.
  • Mary Rábago

    Arizona Coach

    Hablo español

    Mary Rábago
    President and CEO of Mary Rabago Productions, a marketing agency helping businesses and corporations reach the Latino buying power.
  • Vicky Sepulveda

    Texas Coach

    Hablo español

    Vicky Sepulveda
    CEO of Crossing Bridges Consulting with more than 19 years of experience working with small businesses in areas such as marketing and strategic planning.
  • CJ Harris

    Illinois Coach

    New Coach

    CJ Harris
    Award-winning designer, creative strategist, CEO and Creative Director of That's So Creative, LLC.
  • Katrina Turnbow

    Michigan Coach
    Katrina Turnbow
    Entrepreneur dedicated to closing the digital divide by activating other entrepreneurs through digital marketing education and training.
  • Keisha Mabry Haymore

    Missouri Coach
    Keisha Mabry Haymore
    Author, speaker, motivator and Director of the Elevate/Elevar Accelerator for Black & Latinx entrepreneurs.
  • Lindsay Sims

    Ohio Coach
    Lindsay Sims
    Founder and CEO of Predictable Results Marketing, an organization dedicated to helping small business owners scale through digital marketing strategies.
  • Gilberto Herrera

    Alabama Coach

    Hablo español

    Gilberto Herrera
    CEO of Scale You Consulting, a firm that grows and builds profitable brands through direct response branding and marketing.
  • Sterling McKinley

    DMV Coach

    New Coach

    Sterling McKinley
    Sterling is founder of Diversify Digital, he helps entrepreneurs and businesses enhance their digital skills, enabling them to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Vicente Pimienta

    Florida Coach

    Hablo español

    Vicente Pimienta
    Co-Founder and CEO of Digisults, an agency that helps business owners transition from traditional commerce into digital commerce.
  • Krystal Hardy Allen

    Louisiana Coach
    Krystal Hardy Allen
    CEO of K. Allen Consulting, a successful global management firm that trains school, nonprofit, and business leaders.
  • Enovia Bedford

    North Carolina Coach
    Enovia Bedford
    Enovia is the Founder of VettDeck, a multicultural marketing agency that offers support in a wide range of topics including sponsorship strategy and experiential event solutions.
  • Ken Walker

    South Carolina Coach

    New Coach

    Ken Walker
    Entrepreneur dedicated to investing in South Carolina as a realtor and business mentor.
  • Netta Dobbins

    Tennessee Coach

    New Coach

    Netta Dobbins
    Founder of Mimconnect, a consulting agency and professional networking platform helping companies recruit, train, and develop diverse talent.
  • Sandra Garcia

    New York Coach

    Hablo español

    Sandra Garcia
    Marketing and brand elevation strategist, diversity and inclusion leader, and Afro-Latina content creator.
  • Soleil Meade

    Pennsylvania Coach
    Soleil Meade
    CEO of Soleil Branding Essentials, a leading branding & design agency that aims to enhance companies' brands through graphic/web design, strategic planning, project management, and marketing services.


Cybersecurity and Your Small Business

Join Google's cybersecurity workshop led by our National Digital Coach Angelina Darrisaw to learn about digital threats and strategies to protect your business. Explore online security fundamentals, its relevance to your business and customers. Also, learn about the Google Cybersecurity Career Certificate program to develop employee skills in cybersecurity.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Digital Coaches program?

Grow with Google Digital Coaches are local marketing experts and entrepreneurs who help diverse small businesses grow. They offer live training and hands-on coaching on topics like how to connect with customers, sell products online, and improve business productivity.

Who are the Digital Coaches?

Digital Coaches are local marketing experts and entrepreneurs. They are community builders who have found their own success and share the insights, knowledge and expertise they’ve gained with Black, Latino, Indigenous, and small town businesses in their local communities.

How can a business access a Digital Coach?

Businesses can find their local Digital Coach and sign up for training at

Where are Digital Coaches currently?

Digital Coaches are based in over 20 states. From Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania; to California, New York, Iowa and more; Coaches train diverse business owners in metropolitan and small town communities in their states. In addition, our Indigenous Community Digital Coach offers training and coaching to small businesses across Indian Country.

Why does Google have a Digital Coaches program?

Google created the Digital Coaches program to help small businesses grow with the help of local coaches from their communities. Digital Coaches are marketing experts and entrepreneurs who offer training, hands-on coaching, and ongoing opportunities for businesses to network. No matter where a business owner is on their entrepreneurial journey, their local Digital Coach can help them build skills to take the next step for their business.

How long has Google had a Digital Coaches program?

The Digital Coaches program started in May 2017.

How much does a Digital Coach cost?

Workshops and programming led by Digital Coaches are no-cost.

How can I learn more about Digital Coaches?

You can learn more about Digital Coaches at

Why do Digital Coaches mainly focus on training diverse businesses?

Grow with Google workshops are open to, and meant to support, all small business owners. Digital Coaches do focus their outreach to diverse communities who have historically had a more difficult time entering the digital space – including Black, Latino, Indigenous, and rural-based small businesses. Digital Coaches provide training and hands-on coaching to help these businesses grow.

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2Digital Coaches program data