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The Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The IT Support Professional Certificate, developed by Google and hosted on Coursera, can help you become ready for an entry-level job in IT support in under six months. No experience is necessary.

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Start your career in IT

IT support is a dynamic, fast-growing field which is projected to grow 10% between 2018 and 2028 — faster than the average of all other occupations. And the median salary is $53,470 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

In the United States alone, there are over 215,000 open IT support roles as more and more people use technology for some part of their work. But sometimes things go wrong — hardware breaks, networks go down, systems fail — and when they do, it’s vital to have team members who know what to do.

At Google, the challenge we faced in finding qualified candidates to join our own IT support team inspired the creation of a new training program. Now we’re using the IT support training we implemented at Google as the basis for the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. No tech experience or college degree is necessary.


The number of community colleges offering the program in the 2018-19 school year.


Current number of unfilled IT support jobs across America. 1

Under 6 months

The average time it takes to complete the IT support training when dedicating ~5 hours a week.


The median annual wage for computer user support specialists.


The number of learners who are receiving financial assistance.

The program

In this program, you’ll engage with a dynamic mix of hands-on labs and other interactive assessments, all developed by Googlers. This certificate program introduces you to troubleshooting and customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security — all the fundamentals of IT support that are critical for success in the workplace. And, throughout the program, you’ll hear directly from Googlers whose own foundation in IT support served as a jumping off point for their careers.

A pathway to jobs

Completing the IT support training program and earning the certificate is an important first step, and you’ll also be supported in the next step — the job search.

Once you complete the program, you can opt in to share your information directly with top employers hiring for IT support jobs, including:

More opportunities for everyone

We worked with Coursera to offer the training program at a reduced rate of $49 per month. And to ensure that more people have access to the program, we’ve provided financial support to more than 10,000 learners. As part of that commitment, is providing need-based scholarships through nonprofits that serve underrepresented communities, including a $2.5 million grant to the United Service Organizations (USO) to provide training and career guidance for transitioning military personnel, military spouses, and veterans. The grant will enable USO to incorporate the Google IT Support Professional Certificate into their programming. We’ve also provided scholarships to  Student Veterans of America. Learn more about our commitment to help service members transition into civilian jobs here.

We’ve brought the certificate to more than 25 community colleges in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and New York. These community colleges have integrated the Google IT Support Professional Certificate into their IT offerings, so that it aligns with the skills that employers are looking for. With these skills, students can jump start their careers in IT Support.

In addition to integrating with community colleges, completers of the IT Support Professional Certificate who are interested in pursuing advanced IT learning can earn up to 12 credits towards an online Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology through Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies. This aims to help open up additional pathways to learners who are interested in higher education, and prepare them for jobs in the broader IT and technology field, beyond IT Support.

Putting their certificate to work

Andrew Esau, Paducah, KY
Andrew spent eight years in the Army as a medical specialist, but around the barracks he was better known as the unofficial IT guy. So when logistics and costs dimmed his plans for a post-military medical career, Andrew began to think about IT. While searching for options that could give him credentials, Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate caught his eye. The flexibility of being able to do the courses in his free time was very appealing, and he enrolled. The certificate built on his basic networking knowledge, but also challenged him with his first exposure to Linux. In six months he completed the certificate and soon had a job as a Level 1 Technician at an IT consultancy in Paducah. Andrew is thrilled to now be the official IT guy.

Piper Marshburn, Bellingham, WA
As a lifelong athlete, Piper never considered a career outside of sports. That is, until six years of school left her with two degrees, a bachelor’s in exercise science and a master’s in sports psychology, but no meaningful job opportunities. Without a clear path, Piper decided to take some time to explore other options. She took a job in the shipping department of a chocolate factory in Bellingham, Washington, which gave her some exposure to IT. She often had to figure out the company’s shipping software on her own, and the more she experimented, the more she realized that this was something she could love doing. Piper started searching for online courses to boost her credentials and found Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate. The courses expanded on her basic computer knowledge, and gave her experience through the hands-on labs. Just two months after finishing, Piper’s new credentials along with her history of being a team player led to a nine-month contract as lead engineer with an IT service solutions company and a handful of future opportunities. “The certificate wasn’t just the foundation for me learning IT — it was the foundation to starting a whole career.”

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