Let’s create opportunity for everyone.
Let’s create opportunity for everyone.
Teach computing skills this Computer Science Education Week, December 4-10, 2023

Many opportunities are available to those with computing knowledge and technical skills, but access to education on these topics is still not equitably distributed.

You can prepare students for a technology-driven future by engaging your class in computing lessons and experiences this CSEdWeek. Our resources make it easy for you to join in.

Teachers, bring computer science education to your classroom this CSEdWeek.
Introduce your students to lessons in computing, and prepare them for a technology-driven tomorrow.
Grades 4-8
Teach 1-hour coding lessons – no experience necessary.

CS First is a computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn.
Watch a livestream lesson
Grades 8-12
Prepare your students for the jobs of today and tomorrow with free digital skills lessons.

With Applied Digital Skills, you can teach your students practical digital skills such as the foundations of what AI is, how it's used in everyday life, and its benefits and challenges.
Watch a livestream lesson
Grades 7 and up
Learn from experts in the industry.

Tune in to hear student and professional developers share their educational paths and inspiring career journeys in technology. Panelists discuss their experiences, challenges and visions for the future.
Watch a livestream panel

Explore computing education.

Explore computing education.