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Strider Bikes: Inspiring riders worldwide

As a bike enthusiast, Ryan McFarland couldn’t wait to share his love for riding with his two-year-old son. Instead of waiting for his son to grow old enough to use a traditional bike, Ryan invented a pedal-less bike that his toddler could ride immediately. He started Strider Bikes in 2007 and has since sold 2.5 million bikes worldwide, bringing joy to little riders in 78 countries. Today, international sales account for 60% of all Strider Bikes sold annually.


Find the Right Tools For Your Business

Identify new markets for your business

Market Finder is a free tool for businesses interested in expanding internationally. It provides local search trends and purchase behaviors for different countries and how-to guides about expanding to international markets.

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Get personalized recommendations to help you grow your business

Google for Small Business offers free plans that tell you which Google tools can help your business the most – and exactly how to use them.

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Stand Out Online

Get listed on Google and build your website

Google My Business helps you build a website in minutes and claim your free Google listing so customers can find you on Search and Maps.

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Get customized recommendations to make your website faster on mobile devices

Test My Site shows you how fast your mobile site loads, with recommendations on how to improve speed and how you compare with others in your industry.

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Manage Your Business Effectively

Collaborate with your team

G Suite is a suite of work applications like email, calendar, file storage, documents, and more that help businesses of all sizes work faster, smarter, and better together.


Better understand your customers

Google Analytics is a free tool that businesses can use to gain insight into their data and take action on those insights to drive results.


Build Your Skills

Improve your business and marketing skills with five-minute lessons

Primer is a mobile app with quick, interactive lessons on writing a business plan, making a great website, marketing a business online, and more.


Build your expertise in online advertising

Skillshop offers online courses that help you use Google ad tools to achieve your business goals.

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Grow with Google Training

Attend a Grow with Google small business training

Join a free workshop in your community to learn how to make the most of digital tools that can help your business grow.