Career Readiness for Reentry

Helping previously incarcerated individuals gain practical digital skills

Why is this program important?

Economic opportunity should be available to everyone. For the more than 600,000 people who leave prison every year in the U.S., finding a job is a top priority — and a challenge, especially when a lack of digital skills makes it difficult to compete. The unemployment rate of people impacted by incarceration is five times higher than average, and Black men and women who have been previously incarcerated face disproportionately higher unemployment rates than other demographic groups.

This is why we’re partnering with nonprofits that serve people affected by incarceration to help them develop the digital skills they need to successfully find a job or start a business.

A foundational digital skills curriculum

We’ve worked with nonprofit partners to create a Curriculum Guide for Partner Organizations. The guide was designed as an easy-to-use resource to help community organizations deliver digital skills training to people returning from incarceration. Its five learning paths are focused on developing the necessary skills for the evolving workforce, and are all available online for free.

Click below to explore the Curriculum Guide for Partner Organizations.

For jobseekers, we encourage you to reach out to the partners featured below, who will be delivering this content in their communities, or visit the Grow with Google Events page.


Join our Grow with Google partner program

Any nonprofit organization offering training to the reentry population can join the Grow with Google Partner Program, which provides access to resources, workshop materials, and hands-on help, completely free of cost.

To learn more, visit, or apply to join the Partner Program.


Sharing learnings and best practices

To support reentry nonprofits and workforce development agencies across the nation, we will be compiling key learnings and best practices into a playbook that will be released with our partners by the end of 2021. Join the Grow with Google Partner program to be notified as soon as the playbook is available.