Helping your business through COVID-19

    We know this is a difficult time for people everywhere, including small business owners. We want to help. We’ve gathered some useful resources to help your business navigate these challenging times.

    Steps you can take today

      • Keep your customers informed

        In a rapidly changing environment, your customers are looking for real-time updates on how your business is doing. You may need to adjust your business operations during this time. This could mean changing your hours, temporarily closing, or changing the types of products and services you offer.

        Make sure to share this updated information on all of your online channels, like your website, Business Profile on Google and social media channels.

        If you now offer online services, add an appointment URL to your profile or activate bookings to add a "Book Online" button.


      • Adjust your advertising

        As this situation evolves and customer behavior changes, online advertising is one way to keep your current and potential customers up to date. With Google Ads, you can communicate the information that you think is most relevant to them during this time, like changes to your offerings, inventory, or hours.

        Google Ads has built-in automated solutions that will help optimize your ad campaigns to show the right message to the right user, at the right time. To ensure your advertising is reflecting your business priorities, you may also want to update your Google Ads campaigns.


      • Adapt to new customer behavior

        Customer behavior is changing with new regulations, so you may be wondering what your specific customers need from a business like yours right now. Consider asking them directly via your social media channels, or using tools like Google Trends and Google Alerts for insight into your local market or industry.


      • Run your business remotely

        You and your team may still be working remotely, or you may be preparing for that possibility in the future. Try these digital tools to help you and your team stay connected and productive from afar.


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