Startselect: How Smart Shopping helped Dutch retailer grow sales by 10 times

Dennis-Jo and Marko are both passionate about gaming and work for a company that shares their passion. Startselect sells digital games as a download code, which you can redeem for a full game instantly. As an e-commerce company, they rely heavily on online find-ability. That is why they were looking for a solution that could help attract more online customers.

Smart Shopping campaigns proved to be the best solution. Dennis-Jo and Marko were a bit hesitant to start working with these campaigns at first, because Smart Shopping campaigns took over a lot of their control compared to standard Shopping campaigns. They became more confident after seeing the great results. Their return on advertising spend increased by 4 times and their sales increased by 10 times.

‘’It's easy to use, it's easy to set up, and it takes little time to manage’’ says Marko. Dennis-Jo explains that the time the team saves is used to, for instance, help achieve Startselect’s goal of expanding beyond the European zone. ‘’I can definitely say that Smart Shopping has become a successful asset to the team.’’

Smart Shopping campaigns have a massive impact on our online find-ability. They’ve helped us achieve great results with little effort.

Dennis-Jo Boekestein, Chief Commercial Officer, Startselect




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