Visualfy - the app that helps you see what can’t be heard

After spending 10 years learning about the unique needs and challenges of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, Manel Alcaide, co-founder of Visualfy, and his team, realised that technology could transform their lives.

Using Android’s open and flexible operating system, they were able to create an app that translates the sounds of the home into visual and sensory alerts on a smartphone or any other device, such as a smart TV.

Visualfy is transforming the lives of thousands of people. Now they know if their baby is crying, their doorbell is ringing, or the kettle is boiling. Manel's ultimate ambition is to completely eliminate the barriers between the deaf and the hearing world.

We believe technology will lead us to a 100% accessible world.

Manel Alcaide, Visualfy, Co-Founder, Visualfy




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