Turk Telekom converts subscribers to digital buyers with help of Google Play campaigns

For the last 176 years Turk Telekom has been sustaining it’s strong position in the telecom industry of Turkey. Recently, the innovative business addressed its subscribers’ unmet need of mobile transactions via smartphones. By establishing the direct carrier billing system, the company presented the option of making fast and secure digital transactions and adding the amount directly to the bill at the end of the month.

It was not until when Google Play was integrated into the system, that the company enjoyed increasing rates of subscriber-to-digital-buyer conversion. Integration began in the first half of 2015 with only 20,000 organic users. Using awareness campaigns like discount offers and push-notifications, customers were informed of the new way of purchasing digital content. Additional campaigns in partnership with Google created a striking impact: Google Play derived 23% of revenue from all digital transactions made in 2016. In that year, 35% of all digital buyers were first-time users via Google Play. Further proving success of the collaboration, number of Google Play transactions constituted 42% of all transactions made in January, 2017. “Opting for direct carrier billing via Google Play helped us access so many new users easily, since it works seamlessly in a wide range of Android devices.” concludes the management team, after enjoying the results.

Believing in the synergy caught between Google and itself, the telecom company sees Google as a strategic partner in the future to take the conversion percentages to even higher levels.

We realized that first time users coming from Google Play continue buying digital content afterwards. For us, this serves as a stepping stone in digital buyer conversion.

Tugrul Tasgetiren, General Manager of Payment Services, Turk Telekom


Ankara, Turkey


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