Learning with Google Digital Workshop helped Rosa to redirect her career

Rosa considers herself a restless person. A fighter — who, thanks to the confidence she gained from Google Digital Workshop courses, found “the world that she truly desires”.

She grew up in Vinarós, a small region in Castellón. When she was 17, she decided to leave her town to study. A restless individual, she found it difficult to choose a single path. There were several careers that interested her; journalism, art history, restoration. Eventually, she opted to study Classical Philology in Barcelona, but as she progressed, she realised that despite achieving good grades, some deeper personal fulfilment was missing.

In her third year of study, she combined her studies with working as a customer care executive, and through it found her calling, realising that communication with people was where her interests overlapped, and her true passion lay. Both communicating directly with clients and via marketing materials.

She became increasingly enthusiastic about delving into the different areas of Marketing, and it unlocked a desire for continued training and growth alongside her day to day work. Some colleagues suggested an option that she could undertake alongside her day job: Google Digital Workshop online courses.

She completed several of them, including Basics of Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital Skills for Professionals), Digital Transformation for Employment and Introduction to HTML and CSS, which fascinated her. “I completed the HTML course during lockdown and loved it. I’m actually now looking to increase my knowledge in this field”.

Last year, after being made redundant, Rosa needed to hunt for a new job. “Learning with Google Digital Workshop gave me more confidence in myself. I felt stronger speaking about my prior experience with this initiative to reference.”

Luckily, Rosa was able to find a role fairly quickly with online jewellery startup Tot-em. As coordinator of the customer care department, she began to apply the knowledge acquired in her HTML course to periodically update the company website.

These courses have given me the security of knowing that if I’m out of a job again tomorrow, I will be able to navigate any challenge.

ROSA GARCÍA, Google Digital Workshop participant, Google Digital Workshop


Barcelona, Spain


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