Czech app for the elderly, Oscar Senior, is boosted by Google Campus

The issue of loneliness among the elderly really hit home for Tomáš Posker during a Silicon Valley business trip. "My grandmother was thrilled about our travels...but staying in touch was tricky because phone calls are pricey. So, we sought a simple way to stay connected," says Oscar Senior’s CEO.

Tomáš’s solution was an app with a worthy cause: help senior citizens around the world overcome loneliness. "We’re offering a high-tech world in a simplified tablet environment," explains Tomáš. The app enables people to stay in touch with family and friends, share photos, and access online services such as Facebook and Google. In addition, relatives can provide assistance via remote administration on their mobile phones from virtually anywhere.

"The Google guys liked the idea. So, they invited us to the Google Campus in Warsaw, where we gained valuable experience,” says Tomáš. The six-month programme provided him with business contacts, mentoring and know-how. "I’d recommend Google Campus to anyone wanting to gain experience and grow. Together we created an amazing product – as confirmed by customer feedback," says the Oscar Senior founder. One such email explains that, thanks to his app, a customer’s mum was able to use the Internet… at eighty years old! "She Googles whatever interests her, and follows her family on Facebook. She really loves the app."

Google enabled us to work with leading business experts.

Tomáš Posker, CEO, Oscar Senior


Brno, Czech Republic


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