On boosts productivity and creates targeted campaigns

On is an agency that provides a variety of services, ranging from traditional advertising and new media to direct marketing and event planning.

Digital Manager Sasha Wijeyesekera highlights the agency’s growth in the digital environment: “Two multinationals have hired us to take care of all their digital needs, which we can do thanks largely to Google Ads. We now do web design for our clients ourselves, and we’re able to create targeted campaigns to such a high standard that we’re able to compete with other media agencies that have been in the market for years. The CTR (click-through rate) and conversion rates bear that out. It’s also thanks to the support provided by Google.”

Above all, Wijeyesekera values the effect that Google products have had on the internal organisation of the company, namely productivity, sharing and increased efficiency. “The whole production process has been completely reorganised – clearly for the better. Apps for Work and Docs are now crucial to what we do, thanks to ongoing accessibility, as well as the security measures that they provide. We also use Drive and Hangouts.” Another important factor to highlight is the saving of resources. “We’ve halved the costs of our email management with these apps, which has hugely benefited the way we work.”

Google products play a decisive role in our productivity.

Sasha Wijeyesekera, Digital Manager, On


Milan, Italy


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